Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thank You So Much For Giving Us This Opportunity...

to eat locally grown, delicious vegetables! I've tried so many things this season that I would normally never buy, and I've loved them! The vegetables from my share taste so much better than what I'd been buying at the grocery store. I find I am eating much healthier, and I also feel good for supporting local farmers. Thank you! When I saw these articles last week I thought of you guys!
WE CSA member Melinda

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I Must Share...

Tonight we had a wonderful meal. I was absolutely sure I didn’t like beets and, I must confess, have bartered them to friends and even shared them with the porcupines at the wildlife rehab facility where I volunteer (they love them). Tonight I baked them (like a baked potato) and THEY WERE WONDERFUL!

I love turnips, and the flavor was similar. I also made a wonderful quick stir fry with collard greens, fresh spinach, purple onions, garlic and some pac choi from last week… yum yum. I even went out on a limb and looked through all my vegetarian cookbooks and made a fennel recipe. It was great! Fennel, tomatoes, shallots, garlic and fresh basil sauted and topped with bread crumbs and baked. I actually enjoyed it as well.

I’m currently fat and happy and feeling quite smug about the whole thing. Please know that I would never have tried these wonderful concoctions without my CSA. Thank you, thank you. I’ll share the beets and fennel with family for Easter dinner tomorrow. My grandchildren are always game to try Gram’s new experiments in food.

WE CSA member Kris W.