Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is my heartfelt expression of what I have experienced thus far with the CSA:

My experience with WE CSA has been wonderful. If you are looking for a chance to enjoy the most delicious heirloom vegetables picked fresh right from the earth the day you bring them home, then you need look no further than WE CSA. I joined the CSA for the winter season and received my first share in late November just in time to make a beautiful salad with the gourmet salad mix and some amazing rare heirloom radishes called "Helios" for Thanksgiving. I've never tasted radishes like this before and they made a beautiful addition to the salad.It is reassuring to know that I can reap the benefits of delicious and nutritious heirloom vegetables grown in soil that has been lovingly nourished and cared for and they only traveled a few short miles to reach my home. Melon, squash, "Bulls Blood" beet greens, carrots, turnips, and greens with names I can hardly pronounce. It gets better every week, and all grown without the use of harmful pesticides.I give WE CSA a thumbs up for the compassion, commitment, care, and hard work that goes into the art of bringing delicious and nutritious heirloom vegetables to a local community. I take comfort in the fact that I am supporting this courageous effort to keep diversity alive and am thankful for all that Shyryn is doing through WE CSA.
A grateful participant in WE CSA,
Cynthia Ogland

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